Sunnynook School


The Flippa Ball team for Sunnynook School will play in the Term 2 and Term 3 competition run by North Harbour Waterpolo, at the Millennium Institute of Sport and Health.

COST - Sunnynook Primary School has a NO PAY/NO PLAY policy.  Fees for these outside school sport competitions must be paid upon registration, via our “ONLINE PAYMENT” option on the school website: Payment  will confirm your child’s placement in a team.

INFORMATION - Flippaball is a modified version of water polo.  The game is played with 7 players in the water (including a goalie) and players can rotate at any time.  It is a fun, simple game all children can enjoy regardless of their height or gender.  Reasonable swimming ability and water confidence are ideal.  Games are played in the shallow end of the pool so that the children may use the bottom of the pool to rest and for added security and safety (as teams become more experienced they will progress to deeper water).  Through participation in Flippaball children will learn and develop skills required for Water Polo at an Intermediate School Level. For more information on Flippaball or coaching tips, checkout, click the link to Flippaball.

COACH - The school provides a qualified Flippaball coach that gives weekly lessons at our school pool during lunchtime.  However our coach will not be able to attend the games. A cost for these coaching sessions for Term 1 and Term 2 is paid separately. Parents/caregivers will be notified if this payment is still outstanding.

MANAGER - The role of the manager is to collate team information and inform parents and children of their weekly game times. The managers will attend the Sunday games. The students sign a “Code of Conduct form” before the competition begins. If we do not have parent help, we will not be able to enter a team.

UNIFORM - Suitable swimwear, no watches or jewellery. Caps and ball provided at the pool.