Sunnynook School

In Term 1 Hayley King, best known as FLOX came to our school.

FLOX was invited to work on our house murals: Kea, Tui, Kiwi and Pukeko.

We followed her work on the 4 panels outside the Library.

The outlines of the 4 birds began to take before our eyes. 

We were all amazed how quickly FLOX worked to create her beautiful work.

FLOX explained how she used spray paint to create textures and details.

Spray paint allowed her to work quickly and create bright colours.

We watched how FLOX used stencils to create details on the birds.

The murals near completion, just awaiting the final details.

Kiwi and Pukeko proudly looking out from the bush at us.

The completed murals - a beautiful addition to our school environment.

Tui and Kiwi, so realistic they look ready to fly out of the panels.