Sunnynook School


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Enrolment Zone

We have a Ministry of Education approved enrolment scheme which has become necessary to avoid overcrowding. There is a clearly defined home zone whereby all children, eligible for a New Zealand education, who live within the zone have a right to attend Sunnynook Primary School. Unfortunately, no new enrolments for children living outside the school’s home zone will be accepted until further notice.

Home Zone
All students who live within the home zone described below and/or shown on the attached map shall be entitled to enrol at the school.

Starting at the intersection of SH1 and Constellation Drive, travel east along Constellation Drive (south side, odd numbers included only) to East Coast Road. Travel south along East Coast Road (both sides to Kowhai Road then west side only, even numbers 242 to 446, odd numbers 235 to 327 included only) to Forrest Hill Road. Continue south along Forrest Hill Road (west side, even numbers 228 and above included only) to Blakeborough Drive. Turn

west onto Blakeborough Drive (both sides included) then southwest along Grenada Ave (both sides included) to Becroft Avenue. Travel south along Becroft Avenue (even numbers 14 and above, odd numbers 11 and above included only) to Lyttelton Ave. From Lyttelton Ave travel west to SH1, then north along SH1 back to starting point.

All roads within the boundaries described above are included in the zone unless otherwise stated.

In Zone

The in zone boundary is as follows:

•               North Boundary: Constellation Drive

•               West Boundary: Motorway

•               East Boundary: East Coast Road and Forrest Hill Road

•               South Boundary: Lyttleton Ave, Becroft & Grenada

Street Names:

Alternatively you can go onto NZ School Zones   and type in your address to see which school zone you fall within. 

With the above information you have established whether you are an In-Zone Enrolment or that you would require to complete an Expression of Interest for Out of Zone Enrolment if the school goes to Ballot within a specific school year.

New Entrant Enrolment Process

Sunnynook Primary School welcomes New Entrants at school for pre-school visits. The process starts gradually four weeks before the child’s fifth birthday. The visits are important for the child to make a secure transition to school. The enrolment process is:

4 weeks prior: Letter of invitation to pre-schooler and parents outlining the dates to visit.

1 - 2 weeks prior: Morning visits from 8.50am – 11.00am with parents/caregivers returning to the room at 10.30am to supervise the children in playground.

Birthday: Child is welcomed to school. Appointment with the Principal to review the Enrolment form. 

The visits prior to the child’s fifth birthday take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays (to limit disruption to the classroom programme). If a child requires more than two visits this can be arranged with the Year 1 Team Leader.

During the year, the Year 1 Team Leader holds meetings for parents of children who are new to Sunnynook Primary School. These meetings outline the routines and expectations of a New Entrant classroom and the structure of a ‘school day’. There is also an opportunity to answer any questions.

For more information click the link to the New Entrant Parents Meeting Slide show with what to expect when your child starts school.