Sunnynook School

Property Upgrades

The Administration Block Upgrades have been phenomenal!

The transformation of this building has not just been about improving the aesthetics of an office - the layout has improved the communication, efficiency and workflow for admin staff, teachers, the Leadership Team, students and visitors alike.  An open and welcoming foyer, improved bathroom and sick bay facilities, the addition of a dedicated meeting room and access from both sides of the building - it has been an exciting change we are all very proud of.

"BEFORE" Gallery

"OUCH" - that pole in the middle of the foyer! Where is our friendly Reception?!

Halls and doors

Poor lighting and obscure doorways

A hallway to the next hallway!

"AFTER" Gallery

Thank goodness that pole is gone!

Reception is obvious (and so friendly!)

Brighter foyer and meeting room at entry

Student and teacher entry