Sunnynook School


Sunnynook Primary School aims to provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all children. In partnership with families we develop a range of personal attributes considered important and crucial for success in life. We particularly encourage the value of "Respect”.

We respect:

  • ourselves
  • our class members
  • our teachers
  • our school

These are expanded into a school set of rules for our school community.

School Rules

I treat others with respect and fairness in my actions and my language

  • I keep my hands and feet to myself
  • I am polite and use my manners
  • I do as the teacher asks me, e.g. I do my work
  • Bullying is not accepted and is reported to a trusted adult

I am in the right place at the right time

  • When I am asked to leave a room I do so
  • I am in the classroom when I am allowed to be
  • I am at school on time

I look after my property and treat the property of others with care

  • I look after school property such as desks, doors and books
  • I pass objects safely in the classroom
  • I ask the owner of something before I use it

I act, work and play in a safe and sensible manner at school and on my way to and from school

  • I follow the Road Safety rules on my way to and from school.
  • I think about the games I play to make sure that they are safe
  • I use "fair play” in sport, games and play
  • I walk carefully around the school
  • I know and follow the Playtime rules

I know what I can bring to school

  • If I’m not sure I ask the teacher first
  • I bring money only for lunch or school trips
  • I leave my toys at home unless it is a "season"
  • I will dress appropriately for learning and being safe

Our school has a clear policy of "Zero Tolerance” towards bullying and we encourage children to report any concerns they have immediately to an adult they trust. We will take concerns seriously and endeavour to resolve them. We provide teacher supervision on the playing field and playgrounds and senior pupils are encouraged to become ‘Peer Mediators’ who are available at lunchtime to assist in solving playground problems. We make use of signage in our classrooms to reinforce our attitude towards bullying.

In addition we offer a Cool Schools Mediation and Kia Kaha programme where children are given life skills for social situations. Programmes involving the Life Education Trust and the NZ Police "Keeping Ourselves Safe” form part of our curriculum.