Sunnynook School

School Donation

Donations have a direct impact on the quality of education we can offer your children.  Although our school is funded through an Operation Grant which covers fixed running costs, we are very reliant on donations to maintain the standard we expect with extra Teacher hours, Teacher Aides, professional development for staff, computer equipment and new classroom resources.

Our preferred method of payment is through Kindo  or contact School Accounts for alternative options

Donations can be paid annually. From January 2018 the donations are set at:

  • 1 child family:   $180               2 child family:   $250               3 child family:   $290

     (Parent donations are tax deductible at the end of financial year.) 


Donations can also be paid on a term by term basis.  Parents can opt to use a weekly / monthly Automatic Payment made through their bank to pay the school donation. (A payment of $5 per week over the space of the school year accumulates without putting a financial strain on families). These options are also available on your Kindo account.

Please Note:  The School Donation can be claimed as a Tax Rebate at the end of the Financial Year - your donation receipt can be downloaded directly from your Kindo account.

Activity Fee

This is separate to your school donation and is set each term for school trips and activities that are an important part of our education programme. Parents are informed in advance. It is necessary to have parent consent for all trips. The payment of this fee, also gives your consent. Children will not be taken on trips without parental consent.