Sunnynook School


eDiscovery Centre

Our eDiscovery Centre includes a computer suite containing iMac computers and a projector as well as a technology suite with modern cooking equipment and tools. The use of these facilities is integrated into class schedules, providing an interactive environment which promotes learning through practical, creative and technological activities.

Swim School

We are fortunate to have an indoor heated pool where children have group lessons with trained swimming instructors. Lessons for each syndicate are scheduled throughout the school year.


We have a well stocked library and a qualified librarian. All classes have a weekly library session and it would be appreciated if parents could check that children are bringing home and returning books regularly. Any parents, grandparents or friends who would like to volunteer to help out with library tasks like covering and mending are very welcome. Please contact Tracey McIntyre on Ext 119 or


We have a gardening club for Year 4 - 6 students who spend Monday lunchtimes developing their gardening skills and learning about the environment. They grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers from seeds and plants and harvest a selection to take home and share with their families. Weekly competitions are run to encourage rubbish-free lunches. Our goal is to develop more "green spaces" for children to enjoy and participate in.

After School Care

sKids is our before and after school care facilities provider. They are based in the school hall from 7:00am - 8.30am and 3pm - 6pm. Please contact Rechelle on 021 026 73396 or for further information or enquire at the school reception desk. In addition, sKids offer holiday programmes from 7am - 6pm.

Vision & Hearing Tests

These are carried out on all New Entrants in the first few months at school and then on a follow-up or referral basis.

Dental Clinic

The Mobile Dental Van attends the school regularly throughout the year to survey the children. If your child has a problem, they will receive a notice with appointment details. Most appointments are at the Forrest Hill Primary School dental clinic. In case of an emergency, please phone 0800 825 583.

In addition:

  • 2 Basketball courts covered with a shade structure, turf, lighting and sound
  • Fully fenced school grounds
  • Pick up and drop off zone
  • Spacious ICT enabled classrooms
  • Apple Computer suite
  • Technology Room
  • A networked computer system
  • A computerised library
  • An indoor heated swimming pool
  • Large Junior and Senior adventure playgrounds
  • Junior sandpit
  • Drinking fountains
  • A large playing field with permanent cricket pitch
  • Lunchtime "sports trolley"
  • Scooter and bike racks
  • Vegetable patches for gardening club
  • A piano
  • Before and after school care
  • Holiday programmes
  • Playground game markings & netball hoops