Sunnynook School

Board of Trustees

Sunnynook School is fortunate to have a hardworking and supportive Board of Trustees.  Elections are held every three years. The role of the Board is to govern the school in accordance with Acts of Parliament and the School Charter.  Board of Trustee meetings are held monthly and are public meetings.  Dates of the scheduled meetings are advertised in the school newsletter.  Board information and minutes of meetings are available in a folder held in the School Foyer.

BOT Triennial Election

Our nominees are as follows: Jason Alexander, Rueben Billings, Nicole France, Steve McCracken and Phil Unsworth.

Please read their candidate statements:

Candidate Statements

 A voting paper with the statements have been posted and the voting papers can be dropped into the

box at reception before 12pm on Friday, 7 June.

7 June 2019  Election Results 

7 June 2019 Staff Rep Results 

Current Members

Chairperson David Hermans
Trustee Rebecca Tindall
Trustee Benji Potvin
Trustee Jason Alexander
Trustee -
Principal Virginia Montague
Staff Representative Audrey Cadness

Minutes Secretary                                   Lee-Ann Griffiths

Pictured L to R: Jason Alexander,  Audrey Cadness, Benji Potvin, Rebecca Tindall, David Hermans

The Board of Trustees (BOT) is a partnership consisting of committed community members, Mrs Montague and Miss Audrey Cadness represent the teachers.  The BOT is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the school and ensuring our school is an excellent learning environment for all students.  The BOT plays a vital role in providing quality education.  Certain legal obligations are required such as reviewing and updating the school charter and strategic plans, policy review and development, asset management including finance and property and health and safety compliance.

New Board members are supported and encouraged to attend education sessions to develop their skills in effective governance. Each Board member has a three year term. Meetings are monthly for approximately three hours. These meetings adhere to a formal format, although delivered in a casual and supportive manner.

BOT Newsletter

Annual  Report