Sunnynook School


While our Mathematics and Literacy Programmes form the basis of our core curriculum, each term a specific BIG concept is explored as an Inquiry Topic across the school. The concept may have a Science, Social Sciences, Health or Technology focus. The concepts are then put into appropriate contexts for the students. This process allows students to access all the NZ Curriculum objectives in their years at Sunnynook Primary School.

ODD Year : Term 1 (Citizenship), Term 2 (Discovery), Term 3 (Invention & Design), Term 4 (Sustainability)

EVEN Year: Term 1 (Global Society), Term 2 (Change), Term 3 (Cultural Diversity), Term 4 (Systems) 

Assessment for Learning

"Assessment for Learning" forms the basis of our teaching philosophy. Much recent research indicates that effective "Assessment for Learning" is a key factor in raising standards of achievement and equipping children for lifelong learning. Central to "Assessment for Learning" is formative assessment that consists of:

  • The active involvement of pupils in their own learning
  • Sharing learning goals with pupils
  • Involving pupils in self assessment
  • Effective questioning
  • Providing feedback which leads to pupils recognising their next steps and how to take them
  • Adjusting teaching to take account of the results of assessment
  • Confidence that every student can improve


We aim to provide a rich e-learning environment for our children. Classrooms are equipped with a variety of devices. The school is linked up to Ultra Fast Broadband and has a recently upgraded computer network. Class and "Team” websites are being developed to encourage and guide students to become "successful digital citizens” and to enhance their learning. Year 4 to 6 students complete their e-asTTle assessments online. iPads are increasingly being used to support mathematics and literacy in the junior classrooms.

Special Needs Programmes

Programmes and assistance for pupils with physical, social, emotional and learning needs are available to enable them to fully integrate into the classroom. We employ Learning support assistants to work alongside these children and are supported by professionals from outside agencies. Special programmes, including Reading Recovery, Quick 60, Phonological awareness and Numicon, are in place where they are needed.

Special Abilities Programmes

Our ‘GATE’ (Gifted and Talented) Programme provides opportunities for selected children with special abilities. Various extension programmes are offered throughout the course of the year in different curriculum areas. Within the classroom environment, a variety of teaching strategies are used to ensure that each level of ability is challenged and extended. Learners are also encouraged to complete International Tests.

Non English Speaking Background

Our school has a dedicated ESOL support programme with many resources appropriate for English Language Learners (ELLs) including language focused activities, literacy support, a computer and iPads. These resources are constantly developed and adapted to ensure individual needs are met. 

Extra Curriculum Activities

At Sunnynook Primary School, children are given the opportunity to participate in:

  • Choir
  • Kapa Haka
  • Sports Events: Athletics, Cross Country, Kiwi Sport
  • School Sports Teams: Netball, Miniball, Cricket, Rippa Rugby, Rugby League, TAG, Touch Rugby, Flippaball
  • Gardening club
  • Special interest clubs ie craft
  • Specialist music lessons such as Ukulele and Piano
  • Specialist Swimming Teacher
  • Lunchtime Activities e.g. Dance, Drama, Sports, Crafts and I.C.T.
  • School trips
  • Year 6 Camp


We recognise important events on the cultural calendars from the diverse cultures in our school community and organise cultural events including Maori Consultation Evenings and Diwali activities. We nurture our Maori tradition through community consultation, Kapa Haka performances, Onepoto Festival, Te Reo, staff professional development and artwork displays.


There are various initiatives to encourage art and music. Some examples include an annual ‘Cushion Concert’ to showcase individual and group talent, participation of dance groups and the showcasing of art at the local Wairau Intermediate Festival as well as regular opportunities to perform at School Assemblies. Lunchtime activities include dance groups and drama club. We also support an ‘Artworks around the School’ initiative including ceramics and murals by local artists where children can observe or participate.